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Autumn Pastels

The fruits of Autumn

30 images

Birds In Flight

The results of perseverance, patience and good fortune

33 images

Black & White

Mono images both old and new

36 images

Birds on Sticks

“Birds on Sticks” A disparaging term often used by Photography Judges

44 images

Birds in Water

Sharing a bath is fun

50 images

Birmingham Reflections

A day out with Worcestershire Camera Club

30 images

Bubble Striations

Playing around with soap solutions

25 images

Bubbles and More

Bubble patterns with something extra

15 images

Chihuly Glass

Unique glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly

25 images

Classic Cars

Taken in many places, backgrounds changed

25 images

Cloud Forest Floor

Cloud forest floors are one of the most distinctive features of forest ecosystems. Consisting of shed vegetation, such as leaves, branches and bark in various stages of decomposition. The cloud forest floor teems with a wide variety of fauna and flora.

50 images


Ecuador is in north western South America, bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The capital city is Quito, the country’s largest city and the second highest city in the world, 9,350 feet above sea level.

52 images

Exotic Frogs

Most photographed in a private collection under supervision

50 images

Fiddling and Diddling

Manipulated and composite images

25 images

French Pastels

Images taken around the Oyster producing region of France

25 images

Fun With Fractals

A fractal is a mathematical set which has a fractal dimension that usually exceeds its topological dimension and may fall between the integers.....Apparently!

25 images

Galapagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands are part of the Republic of Ecuador, they are an archipelago of volcanic islands, known for their large number of endemic species. These were studied by Charles Darwin during the second voyage of HMS Beagle. His observations contributed to the inception of Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Means of Natural Selection.

76 images

High Places

A collection of images taken in “high places”, ranging from The Cotswolds to The Andes

50 images


Intentional Camera Movement

50 images

Ladies of the Andes

The Andes is a world full of colourful characters. Every single one of these ladies without exception, was a hard working and very friendly person.

50 images

Lofoten Islands

The images in this folder were all taken in one day

41 images

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a 15th-century Inca citadel, located in the Eastern Cordillera of southern Peru, on a 7,970 feet mountain ridge. It is located in the Cusco Region above the Sacred Valley. It is 50 miles northwest of Cusco, the Urubamba River flows through the region cutting through the Cordillera creating a canyon with a tropical mountain climate.

100 images


Most photographed in carefully controlled situations

25 images

Mount Rainier National Park

The mountains are calling and I must go - John Muir - Naturalist and Conservationist

85 images

Multiple Exposures

Multiple exposure photography is often quite random and sometimes haphazard but with careful planning images can be quite symmetrical. Most of these images are double exposures, however there are a few quadruple exposures among them.

33 images

New England In The Fall

Autumn in New England begins in Late September and ends in late December, it marks the transition from summer to winter and is known for its vibrant colours and picturesque beauty. Attracting visitors each year from around the world. Travelers flock to Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and parts of Massachusetts to see the vibrant colours each fall.

66 images

Oil Painting

Fun with filters - Making purists cringe

25 images

Pastel Sketches

My Pastel Sketches have been produced several ways either in Photoshop or with proprietary plug-in software.

50 images

Pattern Maker

Playing around with Kaleidoscope patterns

31 images

Printing Diploma Images

These are the images I submitted for assessment when I gained my WCC Specialist Printing Diploma. They were all printed on specific paper types to suit the individual image.

15 images


Smoking - Incense sticks, black velvet and a little imagination

10 images

Table Top Images

Creative photgraphy, all images photographed on my garage bench using very simple props

50 images

The Camargue

Wonderful memories of a wonderful place

87 images

The Grand Staircase - Top to Bottom

The Grand Staircase is Cedar Breaks National Monument, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon and Grand Canyon National Parks. A wonderland of nature

87 images

Tuscany Landscapes

Images captured in September 2016

30 images

UK Fungi

These images are quite dated but they do give a good indication of what could be achieved by searching local woodlands

25 images

UK Landscapes

United Kingdom landscapes

55 images

UK Butterflies

Images of Nature's Angels

58 images

Winter Wonderland

The winter of 2010 was a very special time to be out and about with a camera

25 images

Yellowstone Landscapes

Landscape images taken around Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in 2013

50 images


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Fotofunguy - Photography is fun to this guy...

Photography is fun to this guy